Chosen TV: An Illustrated Plea for More Jew-on-Jew Action on Glee

What do you think?

About The Author

Yael Abramowitz

Yael is Heeb's Jewiest Jew. Raised in Texas, she currently slaves away creating offensive illustrations for Heeb lovers young and old alike. See more of her work here.

7 Responses

  1. Susan Abramowitz

    I think the best one is of Yael’s drawing of herself. I need to watch more of GLee! Haven’t seen one in quite awhile!

  2. Michael Abramowitz

    I think Yael’s art is great. By the way, even though we have the same last name, we never met before. P.S. Yael, Will you be home for Shavuos?

  3. Mendybram

    Love it! The illustration is killer and the humor dry and biting – we brits love that!

  4. Miriam Shaviv

    AMAZING illustrations. You guys have recruited some seriously talent.

  5. Ash

    Funny, I enjoyed it. But Puck is a womanizing ass. You really want to break Rachel’s heart like that? She’d be better of trying to date Will again than going for Puck.


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