Chosen Frozen

_(excerpted from original article)_
On November 1st, 1994, Leonard Jenoff used a lead pipe to bludgeon Carol Neulander to death in her Cherry Hill, N.J. home. He believed, he says, that Carol Neulander was an infidel, a threat to Israel and he Jewish community. He believed he was auditioning for the Mossad. He was paid roughly $30,000 by Carol’s husband, Rabbi Fred Neulander, to murder her. Jenoff had fooled the rabbi, and just about everyone else in his life, into thinking he had worked for the CIA and the local law enforcement agencies, and that he could be trusted to carry out the most sensitive fantasy life he has created. Six years later, Jenoff confessed to the murder and testified against the rabbi. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Neulander got 30 to life. _Heeb_ spoke to Jenoff, now 59, in Riverfront State Prison in Camden, N.J., about his crime and his guilt.

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