20 · The Music Issue

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Erik Parker

Stationed in front of a large canvas, holding the tiniest brush I've ever seen, one of Erik Parker's studio assistants paints neon yellow saliva dripping from the mouth of an ornate, psychologically disturbed h...
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Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker's left forearm is permanently marked by what he calls his "Heebraham" tattoo—a portrait of Abraham Lincoln with a Star of David resting just below the beard. "Whenever a gentile asks me what it tak...
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Gimme Shelter

Nearly every morning, California filmmaker Laura Bialis and the rest of Sderot's residents wake to a female voice chanting, "Tzeva adom." The words echo through the streets as the inhabitants of the small Israe...
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Jerry Heller

Jerry Heller is the business mastermind behind the second great paradigm shift in modern pop music. In 1967, it was the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that defined the rock music era. In 19...
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Warm Lobster Salad

We Are the Fury's percussionist Stephan Lublin quit touring with the band to work with a new kind of drumstick; he now attends culinary school in Paris and blogs at MySpace.com/TheFoodComa. Here's one of his fa...
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The Six-Year Itch

If he didn't have his latest album as hard evidence, the affable DJ, producer, composer, and remixer Sam Spiegel (a.k.a. Squeak E. Clean) might sound a bit delusional when he tells me how jam-packed with top ar...

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