02 · Issue 2

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Urban Kvetch: Cleveland

Cleveland Cleveland deftly illustrates how a city can funnel millions of dollars into subsidizing fancy new sports arenas (at the expense of little things like, oh, city schools and public housing), but when a...
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Urban Kvetch: The Jewish Roll

The Jewish Roll The Japanese cats over at Crazy Fish restaurant in Los Angeles are just calling it what it is. No need to gloss things over by calling it a "Philadelphia Roll" or a "Brooklyn Roll" like other r...
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Just a Gigolo

Until his 1999 retirement, Shai Shahar was one of Europe's leading gigolos and the first male escort ever to exhibit himself in an Amsterdam window display. Shai, who grew up in Philadelphia and moved to Israel...
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Chosen: Film

_(exerpted from original article)_ Todd Solondtz's timid nasal voice sounds like every hackneyed black comedian's Lame White Guy impression. He wears big, thick, green-rimmed glasses that beckon schoolyard bul...

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