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Sarkozy Son Snipped: Vive La Circumcision!

Jewdar loves a story with a happy ending. This one starts badly, about a hundred years ago when, after the Great War, a Jewish doctor named Aaron Mallah converted to Catholicism and married his French Catholic ...
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Chosen Film: “Tiny Furniture” at SXSW

From New York-based (and Jewish) 23-year-old filmmaker Lena Dunham comes the ferociously funny Tiny Furniture, in which a girl reintegrates to the hustle and bustle of NYC after college in Ohio. It's tempting t...
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Chosen FIlm: “Google Baby” at SXSW

If hot button topics like artificial insemination, surrogate pregnancies and the exploitation of cheap labor in India have lost their appeal individually, allow me to introduce Google Baby, the Israeli documen...
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Chosen Film: “Cyrus” at SXSW

If you're not familiar with Sundance regulars Jay and Mark Duplass, you will be once Cyrus drops later this year. After multiple shorts, these indie golden boys (two of the originators of the "mumblecore" genr...
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Funnyman Joe Biden Enjoys Shtick

(video after the jump) Possibly still smarting from that recent trip to Israel -- where he was very publicly sucker-punched by the announcement of additional settlements in East Jerusalem -- Vice-President Joe ...

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