Brooklyn In a Bottle

The last time I checked, the smells coming out of the borough of Brooklyn weren’t anything that I’d want to bottle and wear on my person. There’s Park Slope, which often exudes the sweet smell of baby powder, and Carroll Gardens which at times evokes the scent of France with it’s gourmet cheese shops, and then there’s Bushwick, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, which combined would amount to the stench of patchouli, burning cars, 40 oz, and concrete drying from a newly poured floor of an over priced loft.

So, when I heard about the genius creators behind the perfume Bond No. 9 Brooklyn, I didn’t get in line at Saks with the other ladies who lunch, where it is sold for $220 a bottle. I’m going to hold out for the Chinatown version to cover the stench of my overrun building with citrus and elderflower.

What do you think?

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