The Brooklyn Cyclones Are Hosting A “Salute To Seinfeld” Night

July 5th marks 25 years since the debut of what is perhaps the last great American sitcom. Seinfeld. While ostensibly a “show about nothing,” Seinfeld’s anarchic deconstruction of the tropes and characters we’d come to expect from a 22-minute bock was actually replete with “somethings,” – typically insignificant minutia, but somethings nonetheless.

Given the degree of Seinfeldian phrases and analogies that have entered into our everyday lives, it’s safe to say that Seinfeld has, at this point, become a part of Americana on-par with apple pie and baseball. So, if we accept Seinfeld into the pantheon of American cultural touchstones, we find it makes a fair amount of sense that the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team would host a “Salute To Seinfeld” night on to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.

Seinfeld Night 2

Here’s how the team plans to celebrate on July 5th, as they play the Aberdeen IronBirds. From the Cyclones website:

The first 2,500 visitors to MCU Pa…er.. Vandelay Industries Park will receive a “Keith Hernandez ‘Magic Loogie’ bobble-head”  which is, in and of itself, probably worth the price of admission.

Tickets to the game are already on sale, and I can only assume selling fast. For more information on the Brooklyn Cyclone’s “Salute To Seinfeld” night, call 718-37-BKLYN.

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