Broad City’s Ilana Glazer Gets Naked To Explain Love And Sex And Stuff

Do you understand sex? Do you know what true love is? Do you know about sex and love and boob cubes and puppies?

Well, you do now.

Fuck you, Matthew Barney. Eat shit, Marina Abramović. Ilana Glazer makes real art. This is some cutting edge stuff, right here.

…This is also the season 2 premier of Broad City Jewess (and erstwhile Heeb Oscar party hostess) Ilana Glazer’s Chronic Gamer Girl web series, which is good news for all of us going through Ilana withdrawal during Broad City‘s off season.

[via Splitsider]

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  1. Michael McMickens

    Of all the shows on Comedy Central I watch, Broad City is definitely ONE of them. Seriously.


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