Breaking Glass

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed this eyesore, which is the poster for season two of Showtime’s This American Life, popping up everywhere like an epidemic of smug.

This American Life, which is based on the occasionally amusing NPR show of the same name, is supposed to examine the lives of everyday people in the U.S but somehow I get the feeling that if the average American met Glass they would want to step on his horned rim glasses before dropkicking him into a pit of rattle snakes.

What do you think?

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  1. sjr1210

    I wonder, have you ever listened to the program or watched the TV version? It’s quite an interesting show. A little NPR in between Rush won’t kill you.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear sjr1210,
    Thanks for wondering! Yes, I do sometimes listen to NPR (KCRW). Didn’t I say I thought This American LIfe was “occasionally amusing”?
    And since when do comments about an annoying poster have anything to do with my political views? “Hey Jeth

  3. Anonymous

    I get what Oli is saying. I wonderd if Showtime is trying to market this to the rest of the US or if those of us in bigger cities are the only ones who have to see those poster all over the place?

  4. Raffulon

    I’d guess this is only in major markets – to the demographic that voted Ira Glasses one of the hottest men in America.

  5. Anonymous

    Unless of course Ira is FINALLY teaming up with Larry the Cable guy????

  6. iconic

    you see him as “cute. ” Maybe its because he looks like a shithead -panda.

  7. Puck

    *stunned silence*
    What made you use the word Panda? I used to call my ex Panda…an eerie coincidence.
    But yes, he does look like a shithead panda…and I’m quite fond of both.

  8. iconic

    ” an eerie coincidence” or my eerie psychic ability…….

    I hope your ex didn’t look too much like this guy.

  9. Puck

    No…but he did have that same self-rightousness smugness that Mr Glass seems to possess…though it’s hard for me to judge, I’ve never heard of him before today.
    He’s no Jon Stewart that’s for sure…Stewart’s hot :P

  10. iconic

    can’t quite see that smug panda thing you are “fond of”…. in Stewart.

  11. Puck

    Gonna have to agree to disagree on this one, Colbert’s not my cuppa tea at all :P

  12. HottiefromMuskogee

    omg, you too are prudes. i’d do them both trainstyle.

  13. Puck

    Train style? *tries to conjure up mental image*
    I’m not getting it…must be an American thing…unless Hottie’s a guy in which case I can kinda see how it would work…
    Is it like a spit roast? :P


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