Breaking: ‘Foreskin Man’ #3 Trailer Claims ‘They Hate Us Because We’re Blond’

Holy shit, this Matthew Hess guy totally wants a fight! The trailer for the coming issue of “Foreskin Man #3” trailer is out, and if you were expecting any retreat or apologetics to circumcision’s most intense American fan base, you will be sorely disappointed. The words, “They Hate Us Because We’re Blond,” appears in the first two seconds of the trailer.

What do you think?

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  1. A. Nuran

    Multiple choice question.

    What will be in issue #4 of Foreskin Man?
    a)The foreskins of Christian babies are used to make matzoh.
    b)Jews poison the wells with their toxic foreskins
    c)The Learned Mohels of Zion secretly control the banks

    Answer: It’s a trick question. The correct choice is d) All of the above.

  2. Fred

    Hey my fellow Jewish brothers. I am doing my part to fight back against this scumbag and have done 2 videos thus far about Foreskin Man and a third coming out soon. Even though I live in Israel, I hate to see Jews anywhere get picked on (even if by self loathing Jews by the way). I got about 30+ other animated clips poking fun at J Street and others. Hope they make a few people laugh and it is excellent therapy against Hamas missiles I should add. Le’hitraot, MrGratefulFred on youtube.

  3. Couscous4EVR

    Nuran, no, it’s e)Jewish “scientists” “discover” that circumcision prevents e-bola, so they send out Operation Abraham to circumcise the world under that premise. And Fred, I appreciate parodies of characters, even if they’re based on lies, when they’re funny or entertaining. I’ve seen your videos, and yes, I know you have a pet peeve with foreskin man, but they’re simply not that funny. But I guess when you live in a wretched place that’s always being bombed, anything works right? Oh, and is everything a Jew does right? Is all criticism of Jews “anti-Semitic,” and when it comes from a fellow Jew, “self-loathing?” I’m sorry, but just because you had an ancestor who died in Aschwitz doesn’t mean you get out of jail free card. You’ll have to accept that foreskin or not, Jews are still human. Hineh lo yanum…

  4. ThisIsSaei

    Pointing out an outdated and barbaric ritual doesn’t make you anti-semitic. Hating Jews makes you anti-semitic. That people who hate Jews don’t sneak around about it. They say it. They’ll parade around in big obvious pointy hats, with signs that loudly proclaim how much they hate Jews. So reading into a comic that this guy is making; a comic against circumcision, well, that’s kinda picking at straws. If your entire identity is snipping off part of an infants penis… well, that says more about you than anyone else.

  5. Fred

    Listen up CouscousEVER, we can smell the self loathing/anti-semtic types from a mile away and you reek from the odor. To call Israel a wretched place is a pure sign of hatred. Israel’s a great country and a great people and for all our many problems we are voted one of the happiest people on earth for a reason you could never understand. And as for being able to spot you out, we pro-Zionists have seen the writing style of thousands of people online who hate us and you are fairly typical and there’s no sense telling you how to better disguise your writing. You are not fooling anyone.

    And THISIsSaei if you stopped to see the Nazi depictions of Monster Mohel in the comic book you’d see that there’s a trace of Hitler hatred in the authors motivation. Did he draw the pediatrican in his first comic attempt as a twisted abnormality or did he just reserve the monster drawing for just the Jews? Many of the top “Liked” comments on youtube on this issue blame Zionists. Why?

  6. Andrew K.

    Thank you very much, but not all American Jews are “intense fans” of circumcision. See Leonard Glick’s _Marked in Your Flesh_, Miriam Pollack’s intactivist advocacy, and Dr. Ronald Goldman’s _Questioning Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective_ and _Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma_. All of these authors are far better representatives of intactivism than Matthew Hess. There were also rabbis of the original Reform movement who wanted to abolish the practice but, lamentably, were unsuccessful. I suggest you visit:

    I am in no way excusing the disturbing imagery of Foreskin Man, which at the very least demonstrates an inexcusable lack of sensitivity and awareness of the appalling history of anti-Semitism (especially the vile myth of blood libel). Just because anti-Semites have demonstrated antipathy for circumcision, however, does not invalidate the arguments against this practice, which is a blatant violation of human rights. Children are not the property of their parents or their culture, and have the same right not to have their bodies tampered with as adults (imagine cutting off part of a grown man’s penis without first obtaining his consent–this would be a criminal offense!)

    Fortunately, the perseverance of Jewish culture throughout some of the worst persecutions in human history demonstrates that we are better than this, and to say as some have that a barbaric and misogynist ritual (ever notice that the sign of the covenant just so happens to be in the part of the human body unique to males?) is critical to the survival of Judaism is as insulting as it is risible. Who could think our culture is so weak that it will suffer from rejecting a bronze age blood ritual? (Remember that the line “I saw you wallowing in your blood” is part of the traditional b’rit milah service.)

    Oh and one more thing: let’s not assume that people who disagree with us are “self-hating Jews.”


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