Bettie Page’s MOTographers

For a people who spent a few thousand years avoiding the depiction of the human form, the Chosen have done pretty well for themselves in the phield of photography. But while names like Stieglitz, Capa and Weegee might have more cachet, in terms of sheer iconography (not to mention the pure pleasure people have gotten from their work), it’s reasonable to argue that no MOTographers can touch the oeuvre of Irving and Paula Klaw. For those not in the know, Irving (Paula was his partner and sometimes filled in behind the camera) was the man who made the just-deceased Bettie Page notorious. When Klaw noticed that kids were ripping out the pictures from his Union Square bookstore’s movie mags, he started started selling movie stills. One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, he’s taking pictures and shooting movies for a select audience of degenerates. Among his discoveries was the va-va-voomish Page, who passed away this weekend after a long and often sad and difficult life. We truly hope she rests in peace, and hope that nobody thinks it too self-centered for us to have spent a little time remembering the people who made her cheesecake, at the very least, kosher-style.

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