Bar Mitzvah Videos Jump The Shark


It’s hard to imagine how many weeks (Months? Years?) must have gone into making this completely over the top Bar Mitzvah video unearthed by Tablet’s Adam Chandler this afternoon. All we can say is: With that much effort going into a save-the-date video, this kid had better nail his Torah portion. Still, soon-to-be-a-man Daniel we say to you: Mazal tov, and well done!

We assume our invitations are still in the mail.

[via Tablet]

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  1. Igor.

    Why has this kid adopted Africa-American hip hop culture? Sad statement about American Jewish culture.

  2. Alter-rocker

    We need to take you back *thirty-two years
    to 1981: License to Ill. This is America, “where you can eat challah every day.”

    Music isn’t ghetto-ized into ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’. Matisyahu. Rick Rubin. Adam Sander,
    Maurice Sendak, too. Small-minded statements on What Is Sad are not your forté.

    Do not hold strong opinions about things you do not understand.

  3. Igor

    @Saucetin: I adopted Israeli culture. I find it more relevant and meaningful than “hood” stuff. “Ya know what I mean?”
    @Alter-Rocker: You are living the myth of the melting pot. Jews assimilate that is why this kid is hip hopping on his bar mitzvah with gold chain and all. You won’t find other groups putting on Jew stuff at their confirmations. I’ll just bet you loved the Chasidim dancing at half-time at the Rockets game. Keep working at it and they will love you.
    BIG HUG from Israel

  4. Paul Rosman

    As a first time viewer I thought it was fantastic and to Daniel I say Kol HaKavod!

    @Mink: you’re less than a microbe on a fleas butt
    @Saucetin: C’mon give the kid a chance he’s celebrating his Barmitzvah for heaven’s sake he’s not piercing his eyebrow (or worse) he’s doing a wonderful thing only one of which is making his big day a hip and cool event which will undoubtedly spur competition from friends and admiring viewers alike- it’s a total win-win situation.

    Once again Mazeltov Daniel I’m sure you’ll blow them out of the water!!


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