ADL Doesn’t Get the Dreidel Hustler Doll, the Dollar Sign

Dreidel Hustler DollEven though it has been on the market for years and featured numerous times on our hallowed pages, the Anti-Defamation League seems to have just gotten wind of the Dreidel Hustler Doll, the twine incarnation of Heeb’s own Brian Abrams. In a letter to the manufacturer, Washington D.C.’s regional branch pleas for its discontinuation:

As we are sure you are aware, negative stereotypes associating Jews and money can create a climate in which anti-semitic events are accepted…

Little do they know, we of the circumcised persuasion are behind the nefarious trinket. The ADL has never been a fan of what we do, so it should come as no shock that our sense of humor would brush up against their lack of one. There are jokes to be made and feathers to ruffle, but in the real world the ADL has problems to solve and denigrations to illuminate. Let us know when the string doll pogrom begins and we’ll try to stop being funny. More likely, we’ll get even funnier.

Full letter is below. My favorite part is where the writer refer’s to the “green paper marked with the universal symbol for money”. Either he hasn’t met the Dollar sign or is completely unaware of the definition of the word “universal”.

ADL Letter about Dreidel Hustler Doll

What do you think?

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  1. J Weinberg

    I’m on the associate board for my local ADL, and at times it can be frustrated by the national tone that is well meaning but often out of step. I think they’re an important organization that does a lot for civil rights in general, not just us jewy types, but issues like this and the statement about the NYC mosque, are troublesome. We need more people of the caliber who read Heeb to get involved and start to make a mark on institutions like the ADL and others.

  2. Lena Bilderberg

    J Weinberg, no domestic-policy oriented Jewish group has caused more damage to this country than the ADL. It is a dreadful organization, and Jews of conscience have an obligation to openly mock it.

    And btw – your Hate Crimes laws are nothing more or less than legislated racial preferences. Different sentences for the same crime, based on race. Brought to you by the ADL, of course

  3. Carlos

    I think the real story is that the ADL is trying to stop Dreidel Hustler dolls from being produced. The ADL is clearly an anti-semitic organization that is trying to prevent a fine Heeb like Brian Abrams from making a buck on shameless self promotion and cheap merchandising.

  4. Rob Maguire

    The JDL’s belief that the dollar sign is a “universal” currency symbol shows how out-of-touch with the rest of the world they really are.

  5. Cecilia

    Please send me a case of your dolls. I would like to give on to all of my friends. We miss you in TX!


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