ADL Continues Its Campaign Against Dollar Signs, Foxman Cashes in

In their continuing campaign against any proximity between Stars of David and dollar signs, the Anti-Defamation League is now rallying against Pink Floyd bass player, Roger Waters.

During Waters’s “The Wall Live” concert, Waters displayed videos of airplanes dropping bombs in the shape of crosses, crescents, Jewish stars and dollar signs, the JTA reports.

The last two next to each other, something ADL’s Abraham Foxman thinks is “outrageous.”

Waters insists that his videos are only meant to criticize Israel’s security fence and not Jews in general.

The ADL responded, saying, “Of course Waters has every right to express his political views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his music and stagecraft. However, the images he has chosen, when put together in the same sequence, cross a line into anti-Semitism.”

For leading this campaign– and I am sure doing other work as well– Foxman makes over $300,000 a year. Though we are sure he takes his money in shekels as to avoid coming in contact with all those anti-semitic dollar signs.

What do you think?

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Judah Ari Gross was born in a baby pool at 1816 Kendrick St. in Northeast Philadelphia. He uses all three of his names as to not be wasteful.

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  1. Sara

    So because his salary is high, his criticism is not legitimate? If the director of the red cross decries the effects of natural a disastor is she exaggerating the situation to keep her job? That’s a pretty jaded view of non-profit’s work. But it seems jaded and sarcastic is just so uber cool these day eh?

  2. alex

    It’s so hard to be a Jew sometimes. Every shmuck thinks he knows something. Abe Foxman is fighting the fight to protect Jews. If sometime it doesn’t look good or looks bad, that’s just the consequences of HAVING to fight for it. Would our lives be better if there was no ADL but J Street was doing ADL’s job?

  3. Judah Ari Gross
    Judah Ari Gross

    First of all, yes, it is uber-cool to be jaded and sarcastic these days.

    But more importantly, you are viewing my article as indicating causality. My point is that Foxman’s criticism is not legitimate (because it makes no fucking sense to assume an anti-semitic connection based on proximity) AND that he makes a lot of money.

    Also, lots of non-profits and other groups have had problems where they exaggerate a problem to raise more money for their cause. Have you ever read a newspaper?

  4. Jon

    Abe Foxman is 100 percent correct in his criticism of the symbols used with respect to the Jewish symbol used in the stageshow…. I am actually amazed that Waters chose to do this.

  5. Taylor Shapiro

    Abe Foxman needs to be retired. He is of course right on this, but he only surfaces during the celebrity anti-semitism. When one’s life is being threatened by an anti-semite, his staff from coast to coast says we’re only an advocacy organization, we don’t have any law enforcement connections to help you make your case. Good luck with you life–my editorial comment. They aren’t that engaged, nor actually involved saving Jews’lives.


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