According To The Israeli Ministry Of Foreign Affairs – Don’t Shoot Rockets, They’re… Dirty?

Not being an expert on the eggshell tango that is diplomacy in the Middle East – particularly during wartime – I’m not sure I’m qualified to explain what the hell this vine, created and tweeted by the Israeli Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, is trying to get at:

Rockets leave a mess? (True) Rockets don’t belong in homes? (Also true) If you launch a rocket, gunships might pulverize your house into the dirt? (Again, true)

Inordinate suffering caused, and felt, by both sides of this conflict aside, can’t we all agree that stopping the violence is worthwhile if only to avoid ham Kosher-beef-fisted “social media” warfare like this?

[h/t @GalBeckerman]

What do you think?

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  1. Nonya Biznessman

    You are an asshole — perhaps the entire ass. Making peace with people that refuse to value their own lives and that of their own familes’ is stupid and insane. But what I can I expect from a jack-ass. psuedo “I’m culturally Jewish” {whatever the hell that means) Libtard like yourself.

    Dark humor is one thing, but doing it at such a cheap rate is putrifying. Maybe some of the majority Heeb readers that are NY and San Francisco types (yes there are other Jews in the USA besides you jerk offs) find this funny, even after making your Aleah (only so you can say you’ve been to Isreal). How about fighting and killing some these bastards that are determined to exterminate you? Yo’r probably one of the whiny -wimpy cowards that didn’t fight like som eSlavic/Balkan Jews did during WWII and just walked merrily into the camp.



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