A “Penetrating” Problem In The Israeli Parlement

There is, it seems, something of a crisis involving cell-phone smuggling in Israel’s prison system. In response to this pressing, and not at all hilarious issue, Education Minister Shai Piron set out to address a session of the Knesset with, what I can only assume, was a thoughtful and well researched presentation.

He never made it past the first sentence.

Piron, an ordained Rabbi, began (emphasis mine):

Mr Chairman, distinguished Parliament, the aim of this legislation is to deal with a serious phenomenon – the penetration of prohibited objects into prison

Upon realizing that “penetration” is, in fact, a very funny word, Piron, consummate statesman that he is, completely lost his shit. Video of him giggling, before eventually giving up altogether, has already gone viral in Israel, and while the clip is in Hebrew (duh), trust us, it’s not hard to follow.

 I’m sure Israelis are relieved to see their government taking the issue of penal penetration so seriously.

[via The Forward]

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  1. [email protected]

    He’s cracking up because he’s actually saying “prohibited object penetration.” What does Heeb know about conversational or colloquial Hebrew,

  2. RSS

    We know enough to not end sentences – particularly those asking a question – with a comma.

  3. Rocky A Osborne

    Hello I need some help here in America my name is Rocky A Osborne God calls me David II Who am I to him.


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