A Case in Behalf of Gillette Shaving Cream

The star of Jury Duty and Bio-Dome has moved on to bigger and badder things. Pauly Shore has a new web documentary-style video report called Pauly Shore’s America. After involuntarily watching a 15-second commercial for Edge shaving cream, you will see a straight-faced, slightly more wrinkled and infinitely less cool Shore proclaim, "A lot of people don’t know I’m into the news." Then, two videos aptly named "Polygamy Report #1" and "Polygamy Report #2" offer tired perspectives on the Texas "Yearning for Zion" scandal.

Did I mention that little Edge® logos pop up continually throughout the documentary? Just a smidgen shy of "legit" on the Errol Morris meter….

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    ” infinitely less cool Shore”….

    less cool?? when was this guy Ever cool?



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