_Heeb_’s Music Picks For June

Sonic Youth

The Eternal

Matador Records

If I have learned one thing in my lifetime, it’s that Sonic Youth (pictured above) will–nine times out of 10–put out a better album than pretty much any band who they have influenced in their nearly 30-year career. Their new album (on indie label Matador) drops next week. And if past experience is any indication, The Eternal is sure to be a necessary addition to the Sonic Youth library of classics.

Dinosaur Jr.



The hits from ’90s icons just keep coming with the latest from Dinosaur Jr., who are about to release their second album with the iconic lineup of J. Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph.

Check out: "I Want You to Know"

Sage Francis

Sick of Wasting


Sage Francis is one of those rappers who pretty much everybody can get behind, and, on June 16th, he drops the third free mix in his Sick of… series.

Go here to download the track "Strange Fame."

Deer Tick

Born on Flag Day

Partisan Records

If you think the alt-country well has dried up, you obviously haven’t heard of Deer Tick. This Rhode Island band has just put out a disc replete with a blend of gruff anthems that go from tears-in-your-beer-Hank-Williams to certified gold country punk (Think: Against Me! or Lucero).

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  1. THEMAN008

    I fail to see what this has to do with diaspora jewish or israeli themes!
    Heeb Magazine shoudl sticke to reviewing Jewish Musicians, and Hebrew themed music.

  2. Anonymous

    What if I told you that all of these albums contain duets with Chava Alberstein?

  3. Jewdaman

    I agree. With everything that is going on in the world, you should try to stick to more Jewish topics. Didn’t Sonic Youth employ Nazi imagery in past songs anyways?

  4. Puck

    I believe Heeb’s remit is largely to provide a magazine of interest for urban “hipster” jews and while that will include a number of articles about the diaspora and Israel etc, it doesn’t mean that they’re limited to those topics.
    Such a blinkered world


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