_Heeb_ Storytelling Returns!

Less than two weeks until the next edition of Heeb Storytelling hosted by Flight of the Conchords’ Kristen Schaal (above right along with Heeb arts editor/Heeb Storytelling director Shana Liebman). Schall will be joined by Iris Bahr (solo performer, "DAI"), Matthew Loren Cohen (improv/musician), Avi Gesser (attorney), Gilbert Gottfried (comedian, "Dirty Jokes"), Odd Todd (Oddtodd.com), Rachel Shukert (playwright and author of Have You No Shame?) and Max Silvestri (comedian). If you hurry, you can purchase tickets right here.

Heeb Storytelling ventures to Atlanta, GA on March 6 and Denver, CO on May 6.

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Josh became an editor-at-large after accruing exorbitant legal fees as the publisher of Heeb in his efforts to trademark the word "irreverent." Follow him on Twitter @joshuaneuman.

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