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_(excerpted from original photo feature)_
Finding love has never been simple. Our grandparents had matchmakers on the Lower East Side. Our parents had mixers in the Catskills. And now we’ve got the Internet—a sprawling playground of opportunities, options and creepy old guys trolling for nubile young things. But online dating sites can be depressing and Jewish dating sites are even worse (no need to name names). So we decided to experiment with what a _Heeb_-flavored dating site would look like. We invited eight of our hot friends to model spring fashion (isn’t dating all about playing dress up anyway?) and mocked up _Heebhookups.com_. We’re not promising any beta-version coming soon, but maybe you’ll find a few ideas for spicing up your own personal profile. That spinning dreidel wallpaper really has to go.




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  1. ryan

    Online dating is great and all but I sometimes miss that traditional form of meeting somebody via a set up by family.

  2. tolo87

    I would say that online dating is not for me. But that is just my opinion and I’m a jackass.

  3. Ship

    Online dating should become more and more popular, as people are busier and busier!

  4. KnoxvilleSaint12

    HeebHookups.com looks hilariously awesome from here, I can say that much. BTW, I’m a jackass.


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