11 · The Food Issue

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No Chopped Liver

There was the time I gave a poop sandwich to my rabbi. It was at the confirmation class picnic in my backyard and I was 16 years old—old enough to know it wasn't funny. But I thought he would understand. I thou...
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Nevermind the Brisket

You are probably as accustomed to walking past Tex-Mex, Thai-French and Pan-Asian restaurants as you are the neighborhood deli. But a "Cuban Reuben"? Don't laugh, Jewish fusion may be coming to a Main Street ne...
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Boiling Point

I was on the Indonesian island of Flores, famous for its multicolored volcanic lakes, and I came across a bunch of backpackers talking to a restaurant owner about the possibility of him roasting them a dog for ...
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Our Stomachs, Ourselves

"Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz once knew what victory tasted like: kosher pickles. Six years ago, the magazine subscription manager from Staten Island took first place in the Carnegie Deli Annual Pickle Eating Contest b...
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*Be My Guest:* We found ourselves on an express train to Thrillsville when we learned that not only is *Christopher Guest* in post-production on a new film, _For Your Consideration_, but that the plot revolves...
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Feast or Famine

With the book and now film _Fast Food Nation_, Walmart's recent switch to organic produce, Slow Food restaurants popping up all over the country and what seems to be a growing hunger for "inconvenient truths," ...

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