Those Jews on the TV: The “Glee” Edition

On this campy teen soap, hot mohawk’ed Noah “Puck” Puckerman watches Schindler’s List with his mom and promptly decides to get back to his Semitic roots by nailing Rachel Berry. Unfortunately, that nice Jewish girl won’t even let him “touch her boobs.” Not even after a panty-dropping rendition of “Sweet Caroline.” Who says Jewish girls are easy?

Ultimately, though, the relationship is doomed. Both dark-featured hotties have got it bad for beady-eyed sandy-haired goys: super couple Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray. (And are those not the whitest, most Christian-y names ever?)


Seriously, that’s like naming a black girl Shaniqua Washington. Or a Jewish boy Ethan Goldberg. (And if you’re reading this right now, Ethan Goldberg, I am sorry.)

But before getting dumped, my boy Puck does get in the very best one-liner ever for getting a chick to make out with you: “We’re a couple of good-looking Jews. It’s natural.”

Try that one at temple, boys.

What do you think?

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Steven enjoys alliteration and quirky line drawings. His turn-offs include broken links, enriched uranium and Holocaust denial.

24 Responses

  1. jewknowit

    he’s cuter than a micro pig. I’ve never seen an actual NJB look like that though.

  2. Puck

    I don’t know if he’s a ‘nice’ Jewish boy…but nice is very overrated anyway. Cuter than a micro-pig and a lot more kosher.

  3. Puck

    Now now iconic, I trust you weren’t attempting to entrap me in some sort of hypocritical admission given my past history of ranting against discrimination and double standards.
    I actually think girls should be ‘easy’ as well…but society has dictated th

  4. jewknowit

    ah the slut versus stud debate. yawn. I don’t think that debate is really all that relevant these days considering that middle school blow job parties are so mainstream.

  5. Anonymous

    Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn, the “beady-eyed, sandy-haired goy”, is actually Jewish herself in real life.

  6. Puck

    Oh like Degrassi…set in the 80’s and Canadian?
    We don’t have Junior High either :P

  7. Anonymous

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  8. Anonymous

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