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For the elderly who loved to read all their lives, listening to someone read to them can bring profound comfort and joy. Sometimes read-aloud activities are lacking in nursing homes and assisted living facilities – however this can easily be changed. Props can also be used to provide visual stimulation and additional props can be added to create a learning environment with Montessori methods in mind to support education through a multi-sensory approach encouraging hands-on exploration leading to independence as well as a motivation to share and build social skills such as empathy and love towards others as they engage through their senses while actively learning together, which is great for the elderly and is why they try in senior homes like memory care living that specialize in giving good attention and education to the elderly.

Arranging for an “Author Visit” is a great way to create a special experience in your library or senior living community facility for those individuals who truly love to read … a celebration of the love of books! ** Be sure to check out our speaker bio’s listed below if you have an author you’d like to discuss bringing to your organization, (to inquire about fees and dates) or contact us to learn more information about benefits gained from a once a month/ week month program available with minimum of 2 events each month for a minimum contract amount of six months for one discounted rate to host the author of your choice at your facility thru our site Sponsor-A-Book .info which is held annually year around serving over seven states in over twenty libraries throughout the north east region of United States for the past eleven years through our, celebrate Reading Through Literature Museum Arts Etc Programs Offered for hosting authors

You can also See A List Of Authors Who Have Come To Our Libraries & Facilities Visiting With E.L. Faulkner Jr. whom where The ‘children author’ of their youth called to share with you some words of wisdom on the benefits of exposing children to al types of literature from everywhere around the world plus study guides activity sheets and more on their official website on our sponsor-a-book link above, Find More Info About The National Book Festival Founder Michael L. Printz who commissioned fiction children’s books written by these two children of the nineteen fifties upon their recommendations to their students back in those simpler more peaceful times to encourage interest in reading and provide further insight into his life from his early years to his own legend for children to come to know about today at the Nobel website link below please visit with us as we celebrate books and memories of the past so many years back then when life was so much sweeter, and easy.

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