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Torah for Pyros

Say what you will about Perry Farrell—the drug use, the flakiness—but it's hard to deny his place on many a high school soundtrack. Jane's Addiction was the music to which we drove around town aimlessly with ou...

A Conversation with Naomi Klein

This interview was conducted by Lauren Sandler and was published in the Summer of 2003. It’s not hard to imagine Naomi Klein in high school, folding shirts at the Esprit store in Montreal. But at that pa...
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We are sorry to inform you that blonde dye jobs, anorexia and waxing have been asked to leave the premises. Sara Press captures the sexy jewess in all her glory.
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Shticky Situation

They say that all humor essentially comes from the ghetto, the scrap heap, the margins. So now that we‘ve arrived at the center, are we still funny? Joshua Neuman investigates.

In the Beginning

Photographed by: Jennifer Bleyerby Jenn Welcome to the third issue of Heeb. In the year since we've launched, many readers have written to tell us how cool we are. Others have slapped us for "trying to be c...
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Chosen: Film

_(exerpted from original article)_ Todd Solondtz's timid nasal voice sounds like every hackneyed black comedian's Lame White Guy impression. He wears big, thick, green-rimmed glasses that beckon schoolyard bul...