Jews on Craigslist

Jewish schmuck seeks same, sans-peen – 28 (NYC): "To save time for 99% of you, i’m not tall or rich." (NY)

SEEKING JILF* (*Jewess I’d Like to F—): "And of course when I say F—, I mean F— as in ‘Form’ a Lasting Relationship."

Jewish artist – 52: "I am looking for a discreet sensual woman who will be intimate and sexually open with me only. My wife has spinal physical problems and this is my reason that i have and need a another woman."

hi nice jewish guy – m4w – 21 (boro park): hi i am a nice young jewish guy from boro park i am looking for this afternoon or tonight i am look to give a clean lady head . . ."

ONCE YOU GO JEW, YOU’LL NEVER FEEL BLUE!: "You’re invited to partake of the Unique Pleasures of Romance with one of the Hebraic Persuasion. Till then, Shalom, baby."

MAKE YOUR KNISH COME TRUE! (Make your mama happy!): "Imagine her plotzing with delight."

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