Ben Stiller Plays Middle-Aged _Heeb_ Editor in _Greenberg_

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Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg stars Ben Stiller as a man-boy who moves from New York to L.A. just to housesit for relatives and lounge around while a whitebread soundtrack plays for two hours. "I wanna be doing nothing. I’m doing nothing deliberately," the titular character announces in the trailer’s voiceover, completely free of shame.

It’s all meant to convey that, like the twee protagonists of Garden State and High Fidelity, Greenberg is a soul searcher, only one with enough money not to work. Instead, he fills his time with quirky projects, like writing longhand complaints to Starbucks and building a dog house. Naturally, there’s that signature world-weary moment where Greenberg floats alone in the swimming pool. See for yourself:

The dude is basically an aging hipster whose wealth allows him to indulge in existential angst. Gross. Kinda sounds like our editors.

Greenberg is scheduled for theatrical release March 12.

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  1. staceface

    If I have to see another trailer for a g.d. film about a self-involved, wimpster man-baby with too much money and an obsession with indie rock, I don’t know what I’ll do.

    Funny or not, Stiller’s now on my Shit List (along with Zach Braff, John Cusack, an

  2. Anonymous

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