Matisyahu’s Manifesto, Ira Glass’ Improv, Anti-Vax Mayim, And More [Weekly Linkage]

2615glass1Akeda, The Binding and Unbinding… The Long Walk Back [Medium]

Ira Glass Tries His Hand At Improv Comedy [Gothamist]

‘Conan‘ Writer Rob Kutner Goes Full Frontal-Lobe In Political “Shrinkage” [Washington Post]

Edible Anuses Sold Out For Valentine’s Day [D+T]

Is Anti-Vaxxer Mayim Bialik A Model Jewish Mom? [Forward]

Hollywood’s First Great Film Was Also Its Most Racist [GOOD]

Hello I’m Johnny Cash: The 1976 Christian Comic Book [Dangerous Minds]

Haredim Censor ‘Immodest’ Cereal Boxes In Lakewood, NJ [Failed Messiah]




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