Marky Ramone vs. Smartphone Dickheads, Boko (Haram) or Boca (Raton)? And more! [Weekly Linkage]

marky021415SWAT! Markey Ramone’s DIY Solution To Dickheads With Smartphones At Concerts [Dangerous Minds]

GOP Congressman Mixes Up Boko Haram and Boca Raton [TPM]

Seniors At Jewish Home Give Dating Advice [HuffPo]

Gilbert Gottfried Reads “50 Shades Of Grey” [College Humor]

Four Presidential Penis Nicknames You Should Know [D+T]

Watch This Master Craftsman Turn A Piece Of Wood Into A Gorgeous Flamenco Guitar [GOOD]

Bring It On Comes To Life In MN High School Dance Scandal [Deadspin]

Ezra Klein Is Not A Member Of Vampire Weekend [Fishbowl NY]

The Avengers‘ Battle Of New York Recut To Include Spider-Man [io9]

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