Links For Jason Biggs Being Absolutely, Positively NOT Jewish

Jason Teets 300Jason Biggs Is NOT Jewish [Haaretz]

233 Reasons Why Bob Dylan Is Right To Detest His Fans [Foward]

SMITHMag and Folksbiene unite for “Six Words “#My Fiddler” Twitter Contest [Folksbiene]

What’s That Alex Vaus Is Reading On The Season Finale Of “Orange Is The New Black”? [Hipster Jew]

Beastie Boys Judge Waxes Poetic On The Word “Dope” [Death & Taxes]

Johnny Thunders Hawks Hot Dogs In 1984 [Dangerous Minds]

I Got Drunk At The Sesame Street Gala [Vice]

Sir Mix-A-Lot Raps “Baby Got Back” With Full Orchestra At His Rear [Gawker]

Biracial Filmmaker Confronts Racism In Award-Winning Film “The Aryans” [GOOD]


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