Jews Vs. Zombies, Nimoy Obit Error, The “Wankband” [Weekly Linkage]

jva1Jews Vs. Zombies Vs. Aliens Vs. Sexual Abuse [Boing Boing]

Local News Makes Terrible Leonard Nimoy Obituary Error [D+T]

The “Wankband” Will Harness The Power Of Masturbation To Charge Your Electronics [GOOD]

#Blessed: A Fashion Pilgrimage To Salvation Mountain [Paper]

Meet Johnny Urine: The Youtube King Of Peeing-On-Things Videos [Dangerous Minds]

Missouri Republican Tom Schweich Commits Suicide Amid Jewish Ancestry “Whisper Campaign” [Forward]

Germany Plans To Republish “Mein Kampf” [Vice]

Why Natural Selection Hasn’t Trashed Mental Illness [Motherboard]

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