21 · The Germany issue
Roseanne Barred

Roseanne Barred

Jewdar takes issue with Roseanne Barr's motivation for Hitler photo spread.

Urban Kvetch: Whole Foods Etiquette

Whole Foods Etiquette You pick up a vegan oatmeal date scone with your bare hands, consider it and then put it back. You turn around and I glare at you, hating you for making me reconsider every scone I’ve ever consumed from this store (lots). I want to tell you such behavior is unacceptable. Instead,...

Urban Kvetch: Manischewitz Jokes

Manischewitz Jokes Oh, I get it. You’re like an inner city thug drinking Manischewitz instead of a 40… Can we all agree to put a moratorium on punch lines involving this syrupy Jew juice? Yes, it’s strange that such a shitty-tasting wine has somehow managed to stay in business despite it tasting so shitty and...

Urban Kvetch: Second Ave. Deli

Second Ave. Deli Please just move to Times Square where you belong. Think about it: All the German and Japanese tourists will be within walking distance, and you can even raise the price of a pastrami sandwich from $14.25 to $25. It’s time to fess up to what you are: an overpriced theme restaurant-cum-nostalgia trip...

Urban Kvetch: Slow ATM Users

Slow ATM Users What in the name of God is taking you so long? Get out your $20 for half-price margarita night and be on your way. The numbers on the keyboard go in order. And in case that is too complicated, they invited this thing that might be of help—it’s called a bank teller....

Urban Kvetch: Girls Who Date Their Yoga Teachers

Girls Who Date Their Yoga Teachers Does another one of my friends seriously have to entertain a smarmy flirtation with her yoga teacher? Is this really a better alternative to meeting guys at a bar? The fact that this dude can stand on his head for three hours at a time doesn’t excuse his New...

Urban Kvetch: Gourmet Ice Cream

Gourmet Ice Cream It’s summer in the city and it’s so hot out that the air is getting wavy. You run with the rest of the kids down the block, chasing the ice cream truck, only to find some alien stand-in, some horrific usurper, offering you eco-carob with ginger or artisan acai pomegranite, at only...

Nazi Punk Dress Up

Bomber jackets and combat boots are so 1997. In true late-‘90s teen movie fashion, Germany’s modern day neo-Nazi has gotten a makeover, emerging more stylish than ever and harder to spot. Because the law cracks down on any outward sign of Nazi allegiance (the Berlin Police Department is even prohibited from wearing styles popular among...

Chance of Pain

Novelist and screenwriter Jerry Stahl talks about self-loathing, his most recent novel, Pain Killers and finding humor in the Third Reich.

_Dead Snow_ ( _Død snø_ ): A Nazi Zombie Flick

So what exactly do the blood-guzzling Nazi zombies in Tommy Wirkola's Dead Snow (Død snø) tell us about what's lurking in the current collective unconscious? Do the Nazi dead still haunt us?

Das Dreamboats

Last summer, Heeb brought you the first-ever Jewish Swimsuit Calendar. In this issue, we are proud to right this inequity with a sampling of some of Germany's finest beefcakes—stripped of their lederhosen—for your lusty eyes.


Read the winning entry to our fake holocaust memoir competition: German author Maxim Biller's harrowing tale of pain, deceit and designer fragrances.