Israel Holds First “Miss Holocaust Survivor” Pageant

The city of Haifa just played host to Israel’s first “Miss Holocaust Survivor,” a “celebration of life” in the form of a geriatric beauty pageant. Critics are calling the event “macabre” and a shameless stunt by its cosmetics company sponsor. Supporters of the event, like us, are calling it the same thing, but without the judgmental tone in our voices.

The 300 original hopefuls were whittled down to 14 contests (hopefully not by lining up in front of a German soldier pointing them angrily to either the left or the right.) But in the end there could be only one winner. In 1941 Hava Hershkovitz was sent from her home in Romania to a Soviet detention camp for 3 years, but we’re assuming that now that’s she’s taken home the crown it was all worth it.

Gal Mor, editor of Holes in the Net, said the pageant was “one step short of Survivor-Holocaust or Big Brother Auschwitz.” Those wouldn’t be the most exploitative shows on TV.

Check out this SFW photo gallery courtesy of The Chicago Sun-Times.

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  1. Mike Shapiro

    More and more things, in this world, cause me to drop my jaw, totally unable to respond. This is just the latest.

  2. Tracy Klass

    absolutely indescribable. Embarrassing to the core. We should boycott the cosmetic company on grounds of excruciatingly bad taste. Name and shame the company.


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