Gratuitous Jewess: Yuliya Kutikova

In an effort to further your appreciation of the richness and renewed vitality of Jewish life among young people today, we present the next part of our new installment, which we have aptly titled, “Gratuitous Jewess.”

We turn up the heat this time with a girl who’s sex on a stick, Yuliya Kutikova. Born in Kaliningrad, Russia, Kutikova’s modeling career began at the tender age of four. Now, after a year of stolling catwalks in Rome, she’s back in New York, but catch her while you can. This high fashion Jewess loves to travel and says San Francisco is next.

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Dana Makover is an expert on both Israeli tits and ass. She enjoys peach pie, open toe shoes and dating for sport.

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  1. Puck

    Do Americans spell ‘cheques’ as ‘checks’??
    Aah, Russians, no amount of makeup can hide 200 years of a potato diet XD

  2. Puck

    *blows air kisses @ Iconic*
    The model looks a wee bit avante garde for my tastes, but as a MOTT she’s entitled to her dose of Vitamin Puck XD
    When do we get a gratuitous Jew section?

  3. Anonymous

    Google may pay heed. “Level of community support is certainly one supra parts of the factors we’re considering,” says a Google spokesman who


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