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  1. elliot segal

    I’d like to have some red-neck a-hole pull that crap in my “neck-of-the-woods.” This is what happens when we allow ourselves to become (or better stated as ‘already become’) liberal-socialist, namby-pamby,metro/homo sexual wimps, that jumps on the bandwagon for every cause the ACLU or any Democrat with a so-called Minority cause has, and get branded as wimps, better known as victims — as if we needed any help doing that.

    What are we teaching Jewish kids? To wait for the ‘good’ gentiles to save us or help us? Get real. Pull your head out of whatever orifice it’s in, and stop being such ultra-left liberal cop-outs, waiting for the government or some law firm to bail you out or protect you. That;s the difference between our predators and the mass of American Jews, is that one, they don’t care about you (shoot as many Jews at the Center in WA as you like and it’s not a hate crime) but if it happens to another individual from another demographic, well then it’s a hate crime and liberal Jews are right in line screaming and crying about what an outrage it is — and none of the poor down trodden folks they’re so bent on helping pipe in about us. More self-deprecating BS.

    If these toads would have stepped one foot on my property or harassed my kids or loved ones they’d be lucky to get off with a sever tuchas beating, especially the two fat, in-bred looking hill billy types. What trailer park did they come from?

    So, my fellow heebs, sit back in your New York (or suburban NY) environs and think that I’m the nemy or a-hole because I don’t want to ban guns or vote for Obama or embrace Muslims that are bent on destroying me. But don’t come crying to me the next time someone wants to kick your tuchas, damage your property , hurt your kids, mom/dad/ zada or bubbe, or maybe even kill you — because even if you don’t live up to the mizvot we have and are a Jew in genetics-lineage or name (probably of Eastern European descent) only, they still want to hurt you whether you face the facts or not.

    Peace Out -(on my terms) The few the proud former/retired military Jew


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